Thursday, September 25, 2008

Take your hand off the mouse for sometime

There was a small boy. He starts to realize that there are so many imbalances in this world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a decent living standard, if not perfect. Many can't afford education to their kids, don't have enough money to feed their family, no good clothes to wear, no good place to stay and so on. This boy feels himself lucky as he gets all the basic things he need. He makes a promise that when he will start to earn in future, he will put his best efforts to help others. Today he is working in a software firm. He knows the he earns a lot. He also knows that he wants to help others who are in need and without fail he makes a monetary contribution to some child relief organization. Several months passed. He still works for an IT company and earns even more now. He works for long hours which includes few hours of productive (real) work, few hours of reading forward mails, visiting social networking sites like orkut, watching online videos etc etc,. He is so busy that he forgot to make the contribution he wanted to do.

I don’t know how many of us are like this guy, who wanted to contribute to the society with what we have but jus not doing it often. This may be because this goodwill is lying somewhere in the back of our mind. This blog is jus to remind you to show your kindness in your own way and in the worst case, you can remind your friend next to you.. Your friend had this idea of donating blood but just forgot it... who knows you might have brought smile in unknown faces...

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